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Business Grants

Our grant research team are continuously looking for new government and private business grants

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Business Grants To Help the UK Economy

Are you a business or start up business looking to access government or private business grants and loans?

Our dedicated team of researchers spend hundreds of man hours each month researching new government and private business grants and loans that meet your applications requirements.

We understand that new start up businesses or businesses wishing to expand do not have the free time to research available grants and loans and that is why our company has been put into place.

Over the years our team of researchers have gained access to hundreds of grant programs available to businesses in the UK.

Once you apply online and we receive your application, our team will manually review your information to all the relevant grant programs.

As we have been in the grant industry for over 10 years now we have built up the right resources and can fast track your application through the necessary channels to get you a decision within 10 working days.

All Sectors, All Circumstances

There are programs that have been put into place, regardless of your situation. If you own a new company or are looking to expand use our database today to start searching.

Our wide network of independent partners spans the UK, including Wales and Scotland, and can help you gain financial aid in other ways.

We have carefully selected each partner we work with, ensuring our start up and expanding corporate clients gain the best service possible. We assist men and women in recruitment, IT, staff training, business law and other areas.